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Avocado Sandwich

Allergens & Food Safety

We work hard to ensure that your food is not only tasty but healthy too!

Doorsteps of Handbridge proudly holds a 5 star rating from the Environmental Health department. 

This page explains a little more.


We take great care in our kitchen. However, this is not an allergen free environment therefore we cannot guarantee that there will be no trace of any allergens.


We can cater for all allergies. Details are available on request

We supply allergen specific platters but we cannot guarantee there will be no trace of any allergen.


Hot And Cold Food Safety

Doorsteps of Handbridge has a 5 star rating from the Environmental Health Department. This means we adhere to the very strict rules regarding how your food is prepared and transported. We serve food at the correct temperature to ensure maximum enjoyment and safe consumption.

We request that our clients ensure that any leftover food is thrown way and nothing is taken for consumption after the event. 

We recommend that you ensure that any leftover food is thrown away and not reheated. Doorsteps of Handbridge cannot be held responsible for health issues arising from eating food which has been reheated later. Food regulations prohibit the reheating more than once of commercial food products. This is especially important when food has been served at an open venue and therefore potentially exposed to airborne bacteria.


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